Ongoing Projects

  • Pró-Alertas

    Combines the technology created in other projects into a single system and provides a citywide simulation environment to test responses and planning under different disaster scenarios.

  • Argumentation-Based Framework

    An Argumentation-Based Framework for BDI Agents using JaCaMo Platform. In this project, we investigate the use of argumentation techniques to enable argumentation-based reasoning and communication in multi-agent systems. The source codes for this project are available in the following links:

    • Argumentation-Based Reasoning in Agent-Oriented Porgamming Languages: .
    • Argumentation-Based Dialogues in Agent-Oriented Porgamming Languages: .
    • An Enthymeme-Based Communication Framework for BDI Agents .
  • Coalition Formation

    We also do research on Coalition Formation techniques. To apply them in MAS programming, we developed a CArtAgO artefact to integrate different coalition formation algorithms in MAS. The source code for this project is available here: .

  • JaCaMo with Dialogflow integration

    To give Jason the ability to communicate with users through natural language, we are developing an integration between JaCaMo and Dialogflow. The source code for this project is available here: .

  • JaCaMo with Ontologies

    To give Jason the ability to get knowledge in an ontology, we are developing an example of consultations of JaCaMo in an Ontology. The source code for this project is available here: .


    The Decentralised Online Multi-Agent Planning framework (DOMAP) provides multi-agent systems with capabilities to solve cooperative online multi-agent planning problems. DOMAP is divided into several main components: i) multi-agent system factored representation, a multi-agent planning formalism that contains information about the world according to each agent’s point of view; ii) a contract net protocol mechanism for goal allocation; iii) individual Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) planning; iv) social laws to coordinate agents at runtime. DOMAP is implemented in the JaCaMo platform.

  • Floods domain

    In the Floods domain, a team of autonomous robots are dispatched to monitor flooding activity and execute search and rescue operations within a geographical region. We provide HTN and PDDL descriptions of the Floods domain, a domain with heterogeneous agents and multiple types of goals.

  • Onto2Jacamo

    We propose an ontology that groups all the concepts related to development of a MAS in the JaCaMo platform. From this abstract view of MAS concepts and relationships, the user may instantiate the domain problem, which will help to organise and design the MAS system. The ontology can be downloaded here.

  • Actor and agent-based benchmarks

    In this project, we compare some aspects of two concurrency models, Actors and Agents, using benchmarks to evaluate communication performance, performance in the presence of bottleneck and synchronization problems, and reactivity and fairness of the models. We use Jason, Jack, 2APL, and GOAL as agent-oriented programming languages and Erlang, Scala Actors, Akka, and ActorFoundry as the actor-oriented programming languages.

  • Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2016 2017 2018

    Our group participated in the MAPC, obtaining first place in 2016, fourth place in 2017 and second place in 2018.