Alison R. Panisson



Artificial Intelligence
Multi-Agent Systems
Semantics Technologies
Explainable AI
Theory of Mind


My main research interests are in Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agent Systems, Semantics technologies, Argumentation, and Theory of Mind. Specifically, I am interested in applying argumentation techniques to develop explainable AI.

Academic Bio

I am a Research fellow at PUCRS. I did my PhD in Computer Science at PUCRS (2015- 2019). I did my Masters in Computer Science at PUCRS (2013 - 2015), and obtained my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at UPF (2009 - 2012).

Ongoing Research Activities

  • Postdoctoral research project about the application of Argumentation techniques in Artificial Intelligence
  • Argumentation in Multi-agent Systems (my PhD dissertation subject)
  • Advising a scientific initiation project related to use meta-information in argumentation-based reasoning

Publications and more info